Three Years Ago: “Pouring Echoes” Released

Three years ago, my book of poetry “Pouring Echoes” was released. Here is a poem from my book: be broken. don’t be a working vending machine where people give to you, so you give to them. be a broken vending machine. the kind that spit out change from the bottom for no reason. be that.… Read More Three Years Ago: “Pouring Echoes” Released


God did not give you a sword to chip at your insecurities or a shield to bury yourself in comfort. You are a man a woman with fire in your blood What you touch turns to purpose You are composed of Divine scaffolding A rose blooming through snowfall.   Nothing kills me more, to see… Read More Live.

My first book “Pouring Echoes” RELEASED NOW

Hey friends. Hey family. Hey strangers. Today, December 1, 2017, is an awesome day for me. My first book of poetry, “Pouring Echoes” was released on Amazon! The poems in this work were compiled with a purpose. They were written in both times of utter despair and complete elation. They were written in coffee shops… Read More My first book “Pouring Echoes” RELEASED NOW