• The Bite Without Venom

    Pain and suffering will come but not overtake us.

  • Who Do You Trust?

    A post about trusting in God alone.

  • Asleep at the Wheel

    A blog post about waking up from the monotony.

  • Leave the Thoughts Behind

    Reflection on thoughts, worries, and rumination.

  • The Lost Art of Reflection

    Think of a time in your day when you are able to deeply reflect on your life? For me this seems like a relatively straight forward question, but honestly it’s not. I start by thinking about waking up in the morning. Most days, I’m rushing to throw my scrubs on, brewing coffee, and driving to…

  • Enthusiasm and Virtue

    I have been reading the book “Transformation in Christ” by philosopher Dietrich Von Hildebrand. The main goal of this book is an analysis of how we can transform our life and go from old to new in Jesus. One quote from the book that I recently read was: “We mistake our enthusiasm for a virtue…

  • Legend of the Pelican – Why It Matters Today

    A Christian legend that I am always drawn to is the legend of the pelican. The legend states that when the pelican chicks were starving, the mother pelican would peck at herself in order to feed her young. This symbol for Christians represents the love of Christ, who died for each of us. By His…

  • God Always Goes the Extra Mile

    In the Bible we read of many healing miracles from Christ and the apostles. Recently, one passage in particular has impacted me. In Mark 7:31-37 Jesus goes into the district of Decapolis. Here people bring to Jesus a deaf man with a speech impediment hoping for a healing. Jesus takes the man away, touched his…

  • Looking for Air

    When will life lead me to myself A piece of marble to be chiseled To uncover gifts and grace When will life lead me to you A tide that presses the driftwood to shore To carry and conjoin When will life lead me to God A bud bursting to meet sun A bird, mid-flight, looking…

  • A Year Off

    My last post was April 17, 2021. It has been almost a year since writing a blog post. I have taken a bit of a hiatus this year with writing in general. There is so much to write about. Here’s to starting again.