Asleep at the Wheel

There are many times in my life where I find myself asleep at the wheel. Not literally; nevertheless, I catch myself driving through life and not noticing my surrounds. I think this can happen with many of us when we fall into a routine and do not develop intentionality in our days. The biggest culprit I believe is lacking to the sit in the wonder and beauty of our daily life. It is like we are walking through an art gallery and never once stopping to look at the fine detail of the paintings. Whenever we do stop, and ponder in awe at the work, we may feel a new burst of energy within us.

Burn out is a common problem for many professions today; especially those in healthcare. In order to quell this fire, one solution may be to sit back and reflect on the beauty of our day. I know this is especially difficult to do the majority of the time! However, a forced habit of gratitude and sitting back in the Presence of God is a pot hole that thankfully wakes us up as we drift off.


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