The Spark of Revival

Recently, in the news you may have head of Asbury revival. This was a 19 day “revival” that took place at Asbury University which consisted of 15,000 attendees per day (wikipedia). This consisted of 24/7 worship and praise. It was a transformational experience for many attendees and spread to many other universities.

In our modern society, sometimes the only way for people to come to know Christ is through a powerful movement such as this revival. Our preoccupation with our lives and our plans needs an interruption to refocus on the ultimate goal. We can become so overwhelmed by what is going on in our own world that we forget to place God first.

Revival is a spark that brings the light of Christ into the hearts of many people. Through it, people may come to know God and have their life changed forever.

Revival reminds us of our refuge. As it is seen in Psalm 34:8″

“O taste and see that the Lord is good! Happy is the man who takes refuge in Him!”


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