The Lost Art of Reflection

Think of a time in your day when you are able to deeply reflect on your life?

For me this seems like a relatively straight forward question, but honestly it’s not. I start by thinking about waking up in the morning. Most days, I’m rushing to throw my scrubs on, brewing coffee, and driving to the hospital. Okay so, what about the car ride? Usually I’m listening to music and if not I’m trying to focus on the busy road. Throughout my work day, it is difficult to find time to eat let alone reflect. I then arrive home and talk with my wife. Eat dinner. Get some tasks done that needed to get done days ago. And then my nighttime routine, which includes prayer (the rosary) and reading the Bible.

Overall, a pretty busy day with some prayer but without deep self reflection. The older I am the more I realize just how important reflection is for growth in our spiritual lives. This does not mean overanalyzing our life, but rather pondering God’s plan for us in the here and now.

Am I living my vocation well?

How can I grow in my faith?

Where am I headed?

I encourage you all to find some time to deeply reflect in your week. It does not need to be everyday, but maybe once every week sit for a moment looking back on the road you traveled and where you are being called to go.


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