Girl’s Don’t Deserve Roses

I repost this every year because it is important. 

Valentine’s day means cards, chocolate, teddy bears, and especially roses. Pink and red is splattered all over grocey stores, doctor’s offices, and schools.

The first couple years of college, I thought about how special this day was for a lot of women on campus (some do not care much for it). I knew the feeling of being noticed and getting flowers meant so much to certain girls that did not have a special someone in their life. Even as a guy I can empathize. To be given gifts and to be noticed is a special feeling.

Therefore, for the last couple of Valentine’s Days, I decided to give many of the girls in my life flowers. Cause why not right? Not all in a romantic way, but just to show them that someone cares. I loved letting them know someone was thinking about them on Valentine’s Day.

However, my attitude has changed this year.

This year I will not be buying flowers.

This year I have developed a new motto,

“Girls Don’t Deserve Roses.”

Before anyone gets angry…let me explain.

I am not anti-rose. I think flowers make a beautiful gift.

As I sit with friends and joke about the Bachelor, every once in a while a sadness strikes me. I observe all of these beautiful women stare at a single rose that some guy is holding. The way in which they stare is as if the rose is the last antidote and they are ill. When they do not receive the rose I can see their hearts and self-worth shatter.

They feel rejected.

They feel lonely.

They feel like they messed up.

As I reflect on this, it is very much like on Valentines Day. Some women in my life will feel hurt because they did not receive a flower or gift from a man in their life. Others may not care at all. However, to the one’s that do care, this may impact their self worth. They may feel like something is wrong with them. They may even feel like they did something to deserve this type of loneliness.

I am here to tell you today that girls do not deserve roses:

Girls deserve much more.

As we see in the Beauty and the Beast roses die. Roses and other gifts are a great way to show appreciation but to me…that is too easy.

I hope all men want to live in such a way to show all the women in our lives that they deserve so much not just on Valentine’s day but

To all my women readers.

You are worth more than a few petals and a stem.

You are worth more than a few chocolates.

You are worth more than a nicely written card and a fancy dinner. 

I encourage you to wait for a man who gives you precious gifts daily. Men who this Valentine’s day and more give you…

The gift of treating you like a best friend. 

The gift of listening to you.

The gift of having deep conversations with you.

The gift of cheering you up.

The gift of walking with you through the pain.

The gift of being there for you, praying with you, praying for you…

Girls. You do not deserve roses.

You do not even deserve a bouquet.

You deserve gifts that won’t wilt.

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