Joy under the rocks

When I was a kid, I liked going to the Long Island sound. I would walk along the beach and pick up large rocks. Some of the rocks weighed about 5 lbs other “giant” rocks were about 15-20lbs. It took a lot out of a scrawny 9 year old to lift them.

But there was a reason I did.

After lifting up the rocks and throwing them to the side. I would find tons of crabs running about. The crabs really liked hiding under the rocks. I would catch them and at the end of the day let them go.

Finding joy is a lot like finding the crabs along the beach.

Most days, it takes effort.

There are many large rocks/obstacles along the way.

It takes a lot of strength to lift the rocks of our lives to find the treasure of joy.

Somedays the weight of the world makes it impossible to see the beauty all around us.

But we must not give in to the weight of the rocks.

As Christians, choosing joy in the midst of the crosses, is our mission.

St. Teresa of Avila said, “The lukewarm do not embrace the cross; they merely drag it along.”

Friends, I encourage you to seek joy with all your heart today. God loves you more than you can even imagine. No matter the obstacle along the way, choose to lift the rocks and find joy.

There is a reason to be cheerful. Christ has overcome the world.



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