God Wrecked Me 

I’m a Christian man.
I pray. I’ve never missed a Sunday. I love people. I love God.

Yet, for some reason in my heart I never believed that I heard His voice.

In my prayers I felt distance. In my Church I felt distracted. I love people but how can I love more? I love God but how can I love God more?

Gosh I wanted to hear God. I would hear stories of saints and sinners literally hearing God speak to them. It got me pumped. I want. I want. I want that.

But God had different plans for me. As He does for you.

In the wake of the hardest time of my life, this past year, God put me on a path that I didn’t understand at all. I was angry. I was frustrated. I felt hopeless.

I had dreams and plans that I saw. I could taste them. I worked so hard. It was all PERFECT.

But they didn’t happen. No matter how hard I tried. They didn’t happen. 

I prayed. And felt nothing.

I felt abandoned. 

Yet, during the past two months I believe I have heard God.

God truly did give me what I wanted.

A relationship with Him.

In order to do that He had to wreck me. 

By disrupting my plans He showed me my pride. He showed me my fear. He showed me my lack of trust.

One day I felt myself surrender to His will. I don’t know how to describe it to you, but in that moment I heard God.

I had enough.

It wasn’t about me anymore. In that moment I became His instrument.

All our lives we are taught to work work work.

Strive for greatness.


Yet in order to fully unleash my potential, I needed to give up. I needed to give my self to my Lord and watch Him fill me with the courage and zeal to take the next step. The joy and stillness to rest in His loving care.

To remind myself that God’s got the whole world in His hands.

Friends, I encourage you today to kick back. Forget about your desire to succeed. Listen to the voice in your heart screaming at you to let go and recapture the faith.

Life is a beautiful field filled with land mines. When we hit one it’s not the end. But the beginning of a new you and a new friendship with God.


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