My Only Trophy

Above my fridge I have a trophy.


It is my only trophy.


The only one I kept.

It is pretty big and was for a soccer shootout competition I won.

Let me tell you the story:

When I was 13 my parents told me about a soccer competition that would take place at a nearby school. It was a penalty kick competition. I was really nervous to go but I decided it would be worth it. So my parents drove me to the field. I remember walking up to the older man running the competition and signing in for my age bracket. The people running the competition then placed me at the penalty kick marker and gave me a few tries.

All I remember was how hard they had filled up those soccer balls.

My pre-pubescent little legs could barely hit the ball very far.

I remember all my shots either missed the goal completely or slowly made there way into the net. I probably made about 1 shot. After I used up all my tries, I wanted to get out of there fast.

I knew I did terrible.

But all of a sudden something weird happened.


A giant trophy was given to me. 


The man told me that I was the only 13 year old boy in my division. So, by showing up I automatically won. He then told me there would be city vs city competition and then a state competition, which I would be eligible for.


I can still picture my stunned face as I stared at the biggest trophy I had ever received.


So, for the next couple of years I stared at this trophy sitting in my room.

It was the least valuable in my “collection.”

“I didn’t earn this,”

I would always repeat to myself when I saw it on my shelf.


So why nine years later is it the only trophy I kept?


Because winning life is all about

showing up.


Now, I keep this trophy above my fridge to remind myself constantly that life is all about showing up. Participating. Taking that first step.

I won that competition by putting on my cleats and heading to the field.

This is exactly what we need to do everyday.

We need to step out into the world and kick that soccer ball.

I can assure you.

One day someone will hand you a big trophy out of nowhere.

And all it took was showing up.

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