Vision of Our Hearts

My freshman year I was on the club rock climbing team. I joined the team because nothing beats an adrenaline rush. Though I always put on a face that I was super courageous and tough…heights always made my palms sweat. The higher I would climb the greater my heart rate.

Heights were one of my greatest fears.

Yet, at this time in my life I felt ready to muster up the courage and overcome it.

Whenever I climbed I always had the tendency to look down. 

There was a false sense of security in knowing there was a comfortable place to go. I could just give up my climb and begin my descent.

Why did I even need to make it up to the top anyway?

Today, I came across Psalm 25:15

” My eyes are ever on the Lord, for only He will release my feet from the snare.”

This psalm rocked me.


Because my eyes drift from the Lord daily, just like my eyes drift from the top when I climb.

If Christ is the ultimate goal, why do I always seem to look down at the ground instead of my Creator?

The ground is worldly comfort. 

The ground is selfishness.

The ground is vanity. 

The ground is pride.

The ground is sin. 

Whenever life gets hard and our palms get sweaty we desire safety. We become so overwhelmed with our own lives that we forget about the top of the rock wall. We forget about our triumph to climb this far up. Our legs shake.

We become the priority.

Not God.

Not our neighbors.

We are ready to walk down the rock wall and sit safe and secure on the comfortable ground. You see we have a problem. We keep looking away.

In Psalm 16:8 we see that it is essential keep our eyes on Christ.

“I keep my eyes always on the Lord. With Him at my right hand, I will not be shaken.”

What does it mean to keep our eyes on the Lord? Our gaze? How do we accomplish this feat?

Whenever we climb through life we need to look into the eyes of our neighbor. To love others in our community is to stare into their eyes and tell them how much we care. It is to serve the world with joy. It is to kneel beside our beds, with our eyes shut, but the vision of our hearts in fervent prayer to Christ.

The world is full of snares. Snares that hold us back. Snares that prevent us from climbing higher and higher in our journey to hear the will of the Lord.

Friends, today I encourage you to never look down. I encourage you to focus all your heart on the Lord.

If you do this…

Your palms will not be as sweaty.

Your heart rate will decrease. 

Your grip will strengthen. 

You will become a thrill seeker for the Lord.

Whenever you feel as though it is too hard. Whenever you feel the climb has taken all your strength. Remember He is always at the top of the rock wall.


With a hand ready. To never let you fall.




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